Skid Mounted Cementing Unit

Compact Cementing Unit


Engine Model : 2 Nos. Caterpillar C15 CDW01 Petroleum Diesel Engine rated 540 BHp @ 2100 Rpm

Cooling System : 2 Sets Seawater Cooler Heat Exchangers on Engine JW & Charge Air Coolers, Hydraulic, Oil Coolers, Allison Transmission Oil Coolers and Shared Engine JW Triplex Pump Lube Oil Coolers.

Transmissions : 5 Speed Allison Model OFS 4700 rated 600 Bhp.

Triplex Pumps : Weir SPM TWS600S x 4.50″ Dia. Plunger rated 9.83 Bpm Weir SPM TWS600S x 3.50″ Dia. Plunger rated 7.83 Bpm

Hydraulics : Closed-Loop Hydraulic System – 5,000 Psi, max press relief @ 5,500 Psi

Displacement Tank : 20 Bbl Working Capacity (2 ea 10 Bbl Compartment) for measuring

Mixing Tub : 6/14 Bbl Working Capacity for Premix Cement Slurry Compartment and Down Hole Compartment

Recirculating/Transfer : 2 Nos 6×5 Centrifugal Pumps for Recirculation and transfer of slurry

Mixing Pumps : 2 Nos 4×3 Mission Magnum Centrifugal Pumps for mix water & Displacement of Fluid

Mixing System : High Energy Mixing System with Automatic/Manual Selection Automatic Density Control System (ADCS-IV) for Cement Slurry Density less than 0.012 G/Cm³

Environmental Parameters

Min. Operating Temp Minus 20º C (-4º F)
Max. Operating Temp 55º C (130º F) – Dessert Operation
Relative Humidity 95%
Job Locations Designed for both Offshore and Land Operation
Length 7.63m (25 Ft)
Width 2.58m (102 Inches)
Height – Transport 3.00m (118 Inches) – Cement Metering Valve Flap Down
Total Weight 22,000 Kg (48,400 lbs) approx.

10,390 Psi on 3-½” Plunger Triplex Pump
6, 2880 Psi on 4- ½” Plunger Triplex Pump
Overpressure Shut Down – Pre-settable
Air Inlet Shut Off On Emergency
Adjustable Plunger Packing System with Pressure
Fed Lube
Non-Radioactive Densimeter
Engrave Stainless Steel Console – SS316
Dual Scale Gauges
Remote Monitoring and Data Acquisition System
Pneumatics Starting System
Integral Type Fig. 1502 2” High Pressure Irons.
80 Cuft. Cement Surge Tank Assembly with Remote
Control of Dry Cement Delivery to Cement Mixer Assembly.