Compact Twin Cementing Unit

Twin Cementing Unit


Engine Model

2 nos. 8v-92N Detroit Diesel Engine rated 400 BHP @ 2100 RPM

Cooling System

2 nos. Heavy Duty Radiator assembly for JW and Hydraulic Oil Cooler


5 speed Allison HD750DRD rated 495 BHP

Triplex Pumps

2 nos. HD500 4-½” fluid end assembly c/w L2-spacers and 15 USG Water Plunger Oil Catchmen Tank with drain hose.

Closed-Loop Hydraulic System – 5,000 psi, max press relief @5,500 psi

Displacement Tank

20 bbl. working capacity (2 ea. 10 bbl. compartment) for measuring

Mixing Tub

7 bbl. working capacity for Cement Slurry with dual agitators


1 no. RA 6×5 Centrifugal Pump for recirculation of slurry

Mixing Pumps

1 no. 4×3 Mission Magnum Centrifugal Pumps for mixing water

Mixing System

High energy Mixing System with Automation/Manual selection Automation Density Control System (ADCS-IV) for cement slurry density less than 0.012 g/m³

Diesel Tank

1 no. 100 USG build on to Master Skid frame


Min. Operating temp: minus 20º c (-4º f)
Max. Operating temp: 55ºc (130º f) – dessert operation
Relative humidity: 95%
Job locations: designed for both offshore and land operation
Length: 6,096mm (20 ft.)
Width: 2.58m (20 ft.)
Height – transport: 3.00m (118 inches) – cement metering valve flap down
Operation height: 3.40m
Total weight: 19,500 kg (42,900 lbs) approx.

11,200 psi for both 4-½” Plunger Triplex Pump
Max HP of Triplex Pump: 600 BHP
Maximum pumping rate 19.8 bpm
Air Inlet shut off on emergency
Adjustable plunger packing system with pressure fed lube
Non-radioactive Densitometer
Engrave stainless steel console – SS316
Dual Scale Gauges
Remote monitoring and data recode system
Pneumatic starting system
Integral type fig.1502-2” High Pressure Irons